Following the kings

12/15 Days tour on the mainland, from N to S and Crete

Alexander the Great, Leonidas of Sparta, Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Theodosius and Hadrian, Ali Pasha, Croesus and so many more…all of them left traces of their magnificence in modern Greece. Here is a unique voyage of discovery through Greece’s greatest cities, archaeological sites, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque towns and villages, art and taste.

This tour takes up several themes from history, archaeology, and cultural heritage. It covers most of the mainland of Greece, the part stretching from the Gulf of Corinth to the northern province of Macedonia and from there to the western province of Epirus and the Ionian sea. Athens, the Acropolis, Thermopylae, the royal tombs of Phillip II, the Roman and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, the famous mosaics at Pella, and the “monasteries of the air” at Meteora are some of the main tour highlights. The tour takes through some of the country’s most dramatic landscapes, from olive groves and forests and rapid rivers as we get to the land of Epirus, this little-known part of Greece that you’ll treasure.