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Epirus is a genuine wonder of nature and history with an unprecedented wealth of culture and tradition that no words could ever describe. Culture and history, mountain and sea, flavors and products, activities and adrenaline, castles and villages, ancient theaters and stone bridges; here, everything blends together along with the exquisite hospitality of the local people. Centuries old history escorts its rich culture and spectacular nature. Inexhaustible and infinite, the wonders of Epirus are limitless.

This is one of the most ancient inhabited regions in Europe, as 40,000 years old Paleolithic finds attest. The earliest of the Hellenic tribes settled here and the cult of Zeus was introduced in Dodona, Greece’s oldest and most sacred sanctuary and oracle. It’s the homeland of numerous tribes, where the kings boasted that they were descendants of Achilles, and Alexander the Great’s mother was born. It’s a bridge between Italy and the Balkans, where merchants along well-established trade routes led their caravans and Roman and Byzantine emperors their troops in numerous expeditions. The Turkish rule in the 15th century marks the beginning of emigration for many of its inhabitants to Europe but at the same time those left behind sustained the region’s commerce, arts and crafts, education.

Today, Epirus is one of those places where you can still capture the country's true spirit, in many cases well insulated from modernity. The rich colors of its landscapes across many centuries, the byzantine churches, the graceful bridges built with great artistry, the rock-made houses of villages firmly planted on the hillsides, the traces of the Ottoman days in the vibrant, university city of Ioannina by the lake, the regional gastronomy and the wine, invite you to a discovery of a little-known part of Greece that you'll treasure.


Why visiting Epirus with us?

One of the main reasons for the creation of our Voyages was our wish to introduce the raw beauty and significance of Epirus to the world of travelers. Among of all places in Greece, this is the land we have strong life bonds with, as Epirus is the homeland of the Voyages’ family and the place we’ve been passionately exploring for more than 30 years.

Back in the ‘80s of course, travelling to the NW of the country sounded like a great adventure even to the ears of the Greeks. Not any more: nowadays the highway is open, the local accommodation is fantastic, thus more and more people visit Epirus. We were among the very first to introduce our guests to the uniqueness of this place and unveil its true colors, the stories of its people, the music, the legends. A dream that finally comes true.

Epirus waits for you ...to capture your heart and set your mind free as Zeus’s eagles that still fly over its highlands.

Join us!

Contact us today for the detailed itinerary and a complete presentation (pdf) of our " Epirus: Voyage to the land of Zeus and the highlands of the dragons".