Educational bespoke tours

In addition to our existing voyages, this is a special category of tours exclusively planned to cover the needs and expectations of academic professors and teachers. It all started 12 years ago, when we were first asked to craft a tour, not as a tour operator would do, but from the perspective of an archaeologist and a teacher of Classics.

And voilà! Archaeology, ancient or modern history, art history, drama, mosaic art, ancient cults, mythology, philosophy... Academic professors are welcome to bring their knowledge and expertise when booking one of our trips - if you wish to organize a voyage based on the course material you are offering your students, we’ll be delighted to organize a new trip to suit your needs, or adjust any of our fixed journeys accordingly. Our academic background in archaeology, in combination with the 22 years experience of a tourism professional and the intimate knowledge of our country, enables us to craft journeys in ways which respond to your specific interests or budget requirements.