A walk in the Golden Age Private Tour

Acropolis, Acropolis Museum and Dionysos theatre with a private guide

Starting from the Acropolis museum and through its collections, we discuss all the parameters that gave birth to the miracle of the 5th century BC and the construction of the Acropolis monuments.

Situated on the South slope of the Acropolis hill, the theatre of Dionysos, built in honour of the ancient god of wine, is the first amphitheatre on the face of this earth and this is where the ancient greek drama was born and raised.

From the theatre's seats, a walk to the top of the city: the Parthenon and its companion buildings rise up to the blue Athenian skies in all their glory, under the golden sunset light.


Starting from the Acropolis museum, we get to the Theatre of Dionysos and the South slopes in order to climb up to the top of the Acropolis.


Meeting location: At the side gate of the Acropolis museum, right next to the Acropolis metro station.

End location: Once our tour is completed , I can show you the way into Plaka area, or I can walk you to another place nearby, depending on where you wish to go and what you wish to do next.

Duration: 3 hours 30 min.

This is the ideal late afternoon/early evening walking tour in summer time. Not too hot, not too crowded!
I can always customise this tour and start in the morning, if this fits better to your day schedule.


This is a walking tour, it includes no transportation.
You can use the metro or a taxi in order to get to our meeting location.


A guided walking tour at the Acropolis museum, the theatre of Dionysos and the Acropolis. No transportation is included in this tour.


30 Euros - This amount includes the entrance fee for the Acropolis and theatre of Dionysos (20 euros per person - same ticket includes entrance to both sites),the entrance fee to the Acropolis museum 5 euros per person ) and about another 5 euros in order to get to our appointment place by taxi, metro or bus.


Entrance fees for the museum and the sites as described above (25 euros), refreshments, souvenir shopping etc